Virtual Fashion Design: Using the Templates


Introduction: What Are These Templates For?

What Do You Need? What Do You Need To Know?


Within your program-of-your choice, you’ll need to know and understand:

• How to use layers

• How to save to different formats (.TGA, in particular)

• How to use the basic painting and drawing tools

• How to use alpha channels


What Templates Are Available?


 • Upper Body (Shirt/Undershirt/Upper Jacket/Upper Tattoos/Gloves)

• Lower Body (Pants and Shoes/Underpants/Lower Jacket/Lower Tattoos/Socks)

• Hair

• Makeup (head and face)

• Eyes


What Do the Templates Actually Do?


2-D to 3-D: The Hardest Part


Color or Gray scale?


Template Organization



Working Layer

Additional Working Layers

Sample and Starter Layers

Using The Templates

Creating Transparency with Alpha Channels

Hints and Tips

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